News and Announcements

The News and Announcements on Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak - 1st Ramadan Wednesday 11th 2010

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Timetable UK and Ireland would like to wish everybody a happy Ramadan Mubarak! The Coordination Committee of Major Mosques and Islamic Centres have announced that tomorrow (Wednesday 11th August) will be the 1st of Ramadan and Taraweeh prayers will be held tonight.

Now that Ramadan has been announced what will you be doing for the next 30 days? We suggest you keep revisiting us for the next few weeks as we plan to have a lot of food for thought including competitions and much much more!

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Ramadan Wednesday or Thursday?

Ramadan Wednesday or Thursday?

We are still updating our timetables and will soon announce when Ramadan is to begin. We will get confirmation in a few hours time so please bear with us.

You may also experience difficulty in using the website due to the high volume of visitors. If the website dose not load for you fully then please return again after 30 minutes, we are currently working on improving the load time of the website.

You can stay in touch by visiting our Facebook page which we will keep updated for the latest up-to-date news for when Ramadan is likely to fall. We encourage you to join our Facebook page incase the website dosent load for you.

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