What breaks fast?

There are many ways one can break their fast. If a person starts to use bad language constantly, their fast is then broken, as it then has no meaning to it. Or if someone starts to bleed, i.e. a woman is having a period during Ramadan, her fast is also broken.

When a Muslim is fasting, they have to do it from their heart, hence a real conscious effort should be made to make sure no evil deeds or thoughts are being committed. Fasting is not a game neither should people competing with one another as it is a matter between the individual and Allah alone.

Fasting is to:

  • To cultivate self-control and overcome selfishness, greed and from being lazy,
  • To restrain passions and appetite,
  • To prepare for any real sufferings that may be faced later,
  • To experience hunger, therefore they should develop sympathy for the poor,
  • To gain spiritual strength,
  • To experience brotherhood through shared 'ordeals'

    Those excused from fasting:

  • Children under 12 (May be earlier as it depends on what age they hit puberty.)
  • Pregnant and Nursing mothers,
  • The very elderly or aged,
  • Those who are ill as in diabetics or those on a journey,
  • Women who are menstruating,

    Written by Shanaz (London)